• Rooftop terrace features Track Rail glass railing allowing for unobstructed views of the city skyline.
  • Track Rail dry glaze system features 1/2” clear laminated tempered glass with an SGP interlayer, polished exposed edges and formed stainless steel top cap.
  • Aluminum shoe was top mounted to steel stringer via drill/tap and finished off with black gasket.
  • This curved landing required rolled aluminum base shoe, cladding, top cap and glass to achieve the desired tight radius.
  • Curved railing achieved by rolling shoe, cladding and top cap.
  • On interior stairs, stainless steel handrail was attached to 1/2” clear tempered glass with thru-glass stainless steel standoffs.
  • At the top of the stairs, the handrail seamlessly transitions from glass infill to floor return.
  • Track Rail leading to the seating area on the second floor utilizes stainless steel cladding to conceal the stair stringer.
  • This modern renovation features stainless steel standoff and handrail to achieve the desired look.
  • Multiple stairs and overlooks utilized the dry glaze Track Rail system with glass infill allowing light to flow throughout the renovated multi-level lobby area.
  • The newly renovated seating area above the updated main lobby utilized the Track Rail system with formed top cap and 1/2” clear tempered glass.
  • Thru-glass stainless steel standoffs attached stainless steel handrail to 1/2" clear tempered glass.
  • Interior stairs and overlooks feature stainless steel cladding, top cap, and handrail.
  • The Track Rail system flows seamlessly from stairs to curved landing which includes a transition from straight to rolled top cap, cladding and shoe.

Baker Center

Location Minneapolis, Minnesota
Architect RSP Architects
Contractor JE Dunn Construction and Gardner Builders
Glazier Brin Glass Company

The Baker Center, a multi-tenant office property, includes four buildings located in downtown Minneapolis. Trex Commercial Products provided a dry glaze Track Rail system with glass infill to multiple stairs, overlooks and a rooftop terrace. This glass and stainless steel system added a touch of modern to this historic renovation. A highlight of this project is the curved landing which required rolled base shoe, cladding, top cap and glass to achieve the desired radius.