Who is Trex Commercial?

Trex Commercial is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative architectural railing for commercial applications. Since 1990, we have provided railing for some of the largest projects in the country. Our wealth of experience provides us with the tools and knowledge necessary to provide both exceptional customer service and unrivaled results. Our role is more than just a fabricator of a designer’s concepts. To us, it is about becoming a meaningful partner taking responsibility for all facets of the project, from concept to completion.

What is Trex Commercial’s mission?

Our mission is to elevate all people’s abilities to safely access and enjoy amazing life experiences.

Does Trex Commercial provide residential railing?

We do not provide single-family residential railing. Our scope of work for commercial railing applications often provides solutions for sports venues, convention centers, airports, and multi-story office and healthcare buildings. We do offer railing for multi-family residences with the use of our Trex Signature®.

How is Trex Commercial related to Trex Company?

Trex Commercial is a subsidiary of Trex Company. We are proud to be supported by the world’s largest manufacturer of high-performance wood-alternative decking and railing, with more than 30 years of product experience.

Is there a minimum amount of lineal feet required for my commercial railing project?

Yes, we require a minimum of 250 linear feet to quote a commercial project. We are best suited for projects with 250 linear feet or more due to our comprehensive support system that is incorporated into our pricing.

How can Trex Commercial make my space more useful?

When starting a new build or renovating your space, we encourage architects and owners to think of our railing as both an aesthetic addition as well as a safety feature. For example, our Track Rail™ or Ascent® Glass Windscreen can be installed to enhance the existing appearance of your space, while providing a safe and reliable railing for all guests. Safety and socializing are two reasons to consider our Drink Rail for sports venues. To help ensure fans don’t miss any of the action, this dependable railing is the perfect place to set food and drinks and allow spectators to stand behind and enjoy the game. All railing solutions are designed to help staff, fans, and guests safely access and enjoy your space.

What types of buildings typically use Trex Commercial’s products?

Trex Commercial’s products are a perfect solution for all types of facilities. Our products are commonly found in arenas, stadiums, ballparks, office buildings, healthcare facilities, universities, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, airports, convention centers, museums, government buildings, multifamily apartments, and more!

How customizable are your products?

Trex Commercial offers highly customizable railing solutions to meet a specific design aesthetic. Custom solutions sometimes incorporate our standard products, while others require more design and thinking outside the box. Reach out to to start discussing a custom solution.

When should I consider railing for my commercial project?

Railing is sometimes a late or afterthought in the design process…but our staff is here to help. By collaborating with our in-house team of 30+ engineers and designers at the beginning of your project, we can assist you with designing an appropriate railing solution, that is safe, functional, aesthetically pleasing. Involving Trex Commercial early on in your project will save you time, money, and resources.

Does Trex Commercial provide the installation for my railing project?

Trex Commercial offers installation on large-scale commercial railing projects. Installation is determined on a case-by-case basis and is project-specific. We have the ability to use union or non-union labor, depending on the project requirements.

Does Trex Commercial provide engineering services?

Yes, our Minneapolis, MN facility is home to our in-house engineering staff – consisting of designers and professional engineers – all with decades of experience. Our expert team is able to provide stamped drawings and calculations.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in our facility in Minneapolis, MN. By manufacturing in the U.S., we reduce risk by not having to rely on offshore processes that can lead to long delays and unstable schedules. Additionally, our facility operates under a LEAN process to improve efficiency and utilizes the latest technology and machinery.

How do Trex Commercial’s products contribute to safety and ADA/code requirements?

All Trex Commercial railings are designed by our in-house engineering team to pass all ADA and multi-disciplinary code requirements.

Does Trex Commercial comply with Buy American requirements?

Wherever possible, Trex Commercial will be compliant with national or state-level requirements.

How can Trex Commercial contribute to LEED?

We are proud to offer sustainable products for our customers to help them earn highly sought-after Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits, along with other environmental accreditation and certification goals. The Trex Commercial team includes LEED accredited staff who work to incorporate eco-friendly options into our products and processes. Our contributions are delivered in the form of recycled or reclaimed materials, certified wood, reduced quantity of indoor air contaminants, and, when possible, regionally sourced materials and production.

How can Trex Commercial’s products make the experience more enjoyable at sporting events?

Trex Commercial has a complete line of customizable railing solutions to provide the ultimate fan experience at any sporting event. You can create an energizing environment with our Seating Rail System, which allows fans the flexibility to safely stand or sit while cheering on their favorite team. For evening games, our LED railing is a great option to help light the way to safely guide fans around the stadium. To get in the game with sports railing solutions, contact our team.

How can Trex Commercial’s products make the experience more enjoyable in a commercial setting?

Transform a commercial setting by repurposing space that previously went unused. A balcony can turn into a rooftop lounge with the addition of our Ascent® Glass Windscreen – providing safety, aesthetics, and unobstructed views. Reclaim unused space and create an environment your patrons will enjoy. Our team will help you find the solution to elevate your commercial building space so contact us today.

How can Trex Commercial’s products make the experience more enjoyable in multifamily households?

Owners and tenants want to make the most out of their space. With the use of Trex Signature® Balcony Railing, you can expand the multifamily home to the outdoors. Our balcony solutions are durable and offer unobtrusive sightlines, making the space an extension of the tenant’s home and a place to gather with friends and family. Create an environment people want to live in and enjoy. Contact our team to find the perfect solution for your multifamily project.