Over 60 different styles of custom railing were installed throughout Levi's Stadium


Focusing on LEED Certification

Trex Commercial Products understands the increasing need and importance to be mindful of our environment as resources continue to be depleted by human impact.  It is our goal to provide an eco-friendly product for the architectural railing market.


USGBCTo demonstrate our commitment to procure and provide sustainably, we participate in organizations that promote sustainable development, the most wide-known being the US Green Building Council – a nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high-performance green buildings.  As a national member of this organization since 2008, we are part of a global community dedicated to growing an industry that promotes one to consider environmental impacts in our daily work.  To facilitate this process internally, our Operations team includes LEED accredited staff who work to incorporate environment-friendly options into our processes.  As a result of our internal initiatives, we are able to provide the customer with contributions toward their LEED or other environmental accreditation and certification goals.  Our contributions are delivered in the form of recycled or reclaimed materials, reduced quantity of indoor air contaminants, certified wood, and when possible, regionally sourced materials and production.

In recent years, Trex Commercial Products has contributed to the LEED Certifications of some of the most high profile venues in the country, including but not limited to:

  • Golden 1 Center – LEED Platinum
  • Rogers Place – LEED Silver
  • T-Mobile Arena – LEED Gold
  • Levi’s Stadium – LEED Gold
  • Target Field – LEED Silver
  • Compton Ice Arena – LEED Silver
  • Barclays Arena – LEED Silver
  • Husky Stadium – LEED Silver
  • U.S. Bank Stadium – Seeking LEED

Trex Commercial Products promotes an effort for design innovation that decreases the environmental footprint, and as we go forward; will continue to challenge itself to deliver with a focus on the most sustainable of methods to do so.

Contact us at info@trexcommercial.com  to find out how our railing systems may contribute to LEED certification on your next project.