Over 60 different styles of custom railing were installed throughout Levi's Stadium


Contributing to LEED Certification

Trex Commercial Products understands the increasing need to be mindful of our environment. We are proud to offer sustainable products for the architectural railing market that can help our customers earn highly-sought after Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits, along with other environmental accreditation and certification goals.


The Trex Commercial Products team includes LEED accredited staff who work to incorporate eco-friendly options into our products and processes. Our contributions are delivered in the form of recycled or reclaimed materials, certified wood, reduced quantity of indoor air contaminants and, when possible, regionally sourced materials and production.

In recent years, Trex Commercial Products has contributed to the LEED certifications of some of the most high profile commercial venues in the country, including (but not limited to):

Fiserv Forum – LEED Silver
Golden 1 Center Mesh Railing
Golden 1 Center – LEED Platinum








Rogers Place – LEED Silver
Railings play a crucial role in T-Mobile Arena’s safety
T-Mobile Arena – LEED Gold








NFL Stadium uses aluminum Classic Picket railing
Levi’s Stadium – LEED Gold
Ornamental railing, an operable seating platform and ornamental metals for Target Field
Target Field – LEED Silver








Griprail aisle railing throughout Barclays Center fan seating areas
Barclays Arena – LEED Silver
Stainless steel cable railing with custom galvanized steel frame
Husky Stadium – LEED Silver








Tensiline cable railing with glass Track Rail top
U.S. Bank Stadium – LEED Gold








Trex Commercial Products promotes design innovation that reduces environmental impact and – as we go forward – will continue to challenge itself to employ the most sustainable methods while delivering the best possible quality.

To learn more about how partnering with Trex Commercial Products can contribute environmental stewardship and a world-class railing system to your next project, contact us at info@trexcommercial.com.