Superior Styling and Safety Come Together in New Trex Signature® Railing From Trex Commercial Products

Effortless style and exceptional strength are the ‘signatures’ of the newest railing option from Trex Commercial Products, a national leader in engineering and manufacturing ornamental railing systems for commercial building applications. Combining sophisticated design with the unparalleled strength of aluminum, Trex Signature® railing lives up to its name by affording architects and developers the flexibility and confidence to create truly distinctive spaces.

“Trex Signature is ideal for a wide range of applications from multi-family residential to office buildings, restaurants and retail complexes,” said Dan Stachel, vice president of sales and marketing for Trex Commercial Products. “Equal parts form and function, Trex Signature railing delivers the durability and low-maintenance qualities that developers and property managers seek, with a visually appealing, contemporary aesthetic.”

Sleek Styling

Offering a minimalist look that is stylish in its own right, Trex Signature is designed to highlight the beauty of what lies beyond the railing. The streamlined, unobtrusive design features panels with traditional balusters that visibly blend with the natural surroundings to optimize sightlines from patios, balconies, decks or public walkways. Continuously graspable rail options are available for added safety, comfort and functionality.

Durability and Design Versatility

Suitable for interior or exterior applications, Trex Signature is made with premium-grade aluminum for superior strength and durability. This structural integrity also affords design versatility, as Signature can be curved for one-of-a-kind applications.

Durable powder coating in a choice of three neutral colors – Charcoal Black, Bronze and Classic White – allows the railings to resist corrosion and retain their color with very little maintenance. An occasional cleaning is all that is needed to maintain a like-new appearance. For added assurance, Trex Signature railing is backed by a 15-year finish warranty.

Easy Assembly

Enhancing its appeal, Trex Signature railing is simple to install. Pre-assembled panels are available in a variety of stock lengths to accommodate any commercial project and have been proved in field testing to reduce assembly time by up to 50%.

“Specifiers and contractors appreciate the simplicity of pre-assembled railings but also want design flexibility,” Stachel added. “Trex Signature delivers on both counts.”

Trex Signature railing is manufactured in-house to ensure quality control over each step of the manufacturing process. Furthermore, the aluminum used to manufacture Trex Signature is made from 50% recycled material and is a 100% recyclable, renewable resource, allowing it to contribute valuable LEED points to commercial projects.

Why Engineering Matters: Three Benefits of Working with Engineered Railing Systems

By: Tony Barnes, Structural Engineering Manager, Trex Commercial Products

Today’s commercial designs are all about organic, open concepts, which means glass elements are in high demand. In addition to enhancing views and creating a sense of openness, glass also promotes daylighting, which delivers health benefits and contributes to energy savings.

The growing popularity of glass is great news for glaziers, but it can also be daunting – especially when it comes to specifying railings. While glaziers know glass, a high-performance glass railing system requires specialized engineering that may fall outside of their comfort zone or realm of expertise.

Still, it’s not uncommon for glaziers and contractors to believe they can save money, time – or both – by handling specifications themselves and ordering components a la carte. It’s also not uncommon for this approach to backfire when components prove to be incompatible or unsuitable for the project specific conditions. Working with an engineer or engineering firm that specializes in glazing can take the guesswork and gamble out of the process and result in greater control, confidence and even cost savings.

Glass railing on spiral staircase at Colorado State University Health and Medical Center


When specifying a railing system, there are myriad variables to consider and manage – from concepts and site-specific conditions to code compliance. Engaging a technical team that understands the nuances of glass railing applications, and works together regularly, affords greater control over details and smoother communication throughout the specifying and design process.

Advanced technologies can be incorporated into the design process to provide enhanced control. For instance, Trex Commercial Products utilizes High Definition Surveying (HDS), which offers tremendous benefits for both the client and the engineering team. In the near-term, it provides precise measurements used directly in design, while in the long-term, the survey information can aid in planning future maintenance or reconfiguration of the space.


Today, commercial rail installations nearly always require documentation of code compliance. In the absence of a technical team supporting the railing product, the glazier is solely responsible for determining and verifying compliance of all the components of the railing system. With a piecemeal approach, it is critical that the glazier understands technical information, which can be cumbersome, time-consuming and nerve-wracking. Technical data provided by various manufactured, off-the-shelf systems that are marketed as, or implied to be, “engineered systems” may be lacking or indicate that job-specific requirements or compliance with local building codes are not met.

Conversely, an engineering team that specializes in railing systems can provide a turnkey solution that is compliant with building codes. These systems are rigorously engineered for a specific job and will have taken into consideration such things as wind loads, seismic loads and the substrate to which the system is attached – factors that can vary considerably depending on geographic location and type of building construction. Communication is key to the success of any project, and technical information is conveyed to the end-user and building authority via a concise engineering report, including calculations and possibly testing data that is signed and sealed by the engineering team.

A significant advantage of using a dedicated engineering team is that the technical service does not end after the initial submittal. In fact, in my experience, most project communication occurs after the first submittal. It’s when a project progresses that technical questions from the building authority need to be addressed, product alterations due to shifting site conditions occur and coordination of other trades is required. A reliable, technically capable partner on the project ensures clear communication and avoids costly project delays.

Clearly, there are numerous benefits to engaging an engineering team in the development of guardrail systems, from the engineering rigor and thoroughness to the superior communication, they equate to a higher level of safety, and lead to greater peace of mind for glaziers, architects and building owners.

Cost Savings

With regard to cost, it’s important to look at the whole picture, and not solely the initial dollar signs, when working with an engineered system. In addition to getting a code-compliant solution, glaziers and contractors also receive comprehensive support, including direct access to design consultants, product engineers and project managers. As previously highlighted, communication between these key points of contact is inherently streamlined resulting in less hassles, fewer surprises and lower administrative costs.

Engineered systems also allow glaziers and contractors to work faster and accomplish more at the job site. Pre-engineered railing materials are packaged together, including the required hardware and adhesives. With a Trex Commercial Products system, for instance, each component is labeled to correspond with setup drawings and a detailed installation guide is provided. This translates to a more efficient installation process, which in turn, yields time savings and lower labor costs in the field. Engineered systems also tend to see fewer change orders and callbacks, which can add considerable costs to a project.

From design to delivery, a knowledgeable systems fabricator with in-house engineering capabilities can prove to be an invaluable resource by fostering greater communication, assuring code compliance and overseeing quality control. Particularly when glass railings are being considered, architects and glaziers should enlist the help and expertise of a qualified manufacturer at the beginning of design planning to best understand what’s possible and what’s required for an optimal outcome. With a good supplier partner, glaziers can confidently take advantage of the increased demand for glass in today’s commercial arena to grow their business and bottom line.



Ascent® Windscreen By Trex Commercial Products Named “Best Product System” of 2019

Glass Windscreen System Honored in Annual Glass Magazine Awards Program

Living up to its lofty name, the Ascent® Windscreen System by Trex Commercial Products captured top honors in the 2019 Glass Magazine Awards. The innovative glass windscreen was chosen by voters as the year’s “Best Product Hardware or System.”

Each year, Glass Magazine, the official publication of the National Glass Association, recognizes stand-out glass and glazing products and projects in the commercial, retail and fabrication markets. This year – for the first time in the program’s history – readers determined winners in the product award categories, selecting Ascent as an industry-leading innovation.

“This recognition is especially meaningful because it comes directly from our customers – the readers of Glass Magazine,” said John Lewis, president and CEO of Trex Commercial Products. “From glazing contractors to architects, these professionals know what works, and we value their confidence in our products to deliver superior performance.”

Reaching New Heights

The launch of Ascent establishes Trex Commercial Products as the go-to provider in the windscreen market. This innovative, easy-to-install, post-supported glass system takes commercial design possibilities to new heights by delivering unparalleled wind protection that truly elevates the outdoor environment and experience in settings from healthcare to hospitality.

“Windscreen systems are growing in demand with the rising popularity of the al fresco experience. With this in mind, we designed Ascent to make outdoor areas more useful and enjoyable by providing safety and style without compromising views,” added Lewis.

Featuring ½” laminated glass with aluminum posts and steel stanchions, the Ascent Windscreen System is designed to withstand up to 80psf wind loads – 8x the amount of most commercial windscreen systems – making it an ideal solution for protecting outdoor pools, dining areas, balconies and terraces at virtually any elevation. Additionally, its snap-fit aluminum posts make for quick, safe and easy assembly.

Ascent will be featured in the September 2019 issue of Glass Magazine and also honored during an award ceremony to be held at GlassBuild America in Atlanta this September. For more information about the Ascent Windscreen System or Trex Commercial Products, visit