All Star Game Hits Target Field

All Star Game Hits Target Field

Fans will pour into Target Field for the All-Star Futures game, Legends & Celebrity Softball game, the Gillette home Run Derby and last but not least the 2014 All Star Game. As they stroll through the plaza, without knowing it, they’ll already be captivated by some of the incredible work completed by SC Railing Company. They’ll gather on benches with sun canopies overhead, walk alongside a glass mural showing MN Twins historical moments and venues, view pennants that line the fence overlooking the freeway which include the roster of every Twins team and of course notice the 9 massive 40 foot tall baseball bat shaped topiaries which light up red in sequential order to denote the current inning.

All this astonishing work by SC Railing, and we haven’t even entered the ballpark yet! As you enter through the plaza gate, you’re greeted by a 300’ LED tower in center field and once inside, you’re surrounded by 40,000 linear feet of ornamental railing throughout the facility. That’s just over 7.5 miles of railing! Set end to end would equal 111 football fields! Across the field above the home run porch deck, you’ll notice the rooftop deck. The deck accommodates 300 people, including standing room and 120 fixed seats on bar stools behind SC Railing provided drink rails. Several styles of drink rail can be found throughout the facility along the concourses, suites, various restaurants and numerous other places.  As you grab your hot dog and head towards your seat, our aisle railing will help you get there safely. If you’re lucky enough to sit in the bleacher section, know that it is a state-of-the-art 35’ wide operable Seating Platform, which holds 168 seats and acts as a lift-gate allowing vehicles to enter and exit the playing field through a vomitory entrance.

As you leave the field, look back and enjoy the view of this phenomenal ballpark. Pause a moment to take it all in, and notice all the silver surrounding you. If it’s silver in color, it most likely came from us!

We are proud to have worked with Mortenson Construction and Populous on such an extraordinary ballpark, and to have contributed our railing and architectural metal products to Target Field…home of the 2014 All Star Game!


Click here to view the Target Field project page with downloadable case study!


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