ArchitectuRAIL™ Configurator included in Glass Magazine’s ‘Guide to Software’

ArchitectuRAIL™ Configurator included in ‘Guide to Software’

Glass Magazine’s June 2015 edition includes a comprehensive list of the newest software products, tool and apps available to the glass and glazing industry. Our very own ArchitectuRAIL Configurator is among those featured.

From the ‘Guide to Software’ article: The ArchitectuRail Configurator from SC Railing Co. is a free software tool that allows architects to personalize railing components and create a railing system tailored to a specific project. Because the new online design tool operates in real time, architects and designers can see their design online, while specifying the railing solution. To drive additional efficiencies, the online tool immediately emails the design specification selected by the architect or designer.

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