Great Glazing (e-glass weekly) features ArchitectuRAIL at Campbell Mithun

Great Glazing (e-glass weekly) features ArchitectuRAIL at Campbell Mithun

The basics: The newly renovated Campbell Mithun office, occupying the 10th to 13th floors of the 510 Marquette building in downtown Minneapolis, features a bright, open environment. The use of a multi-floor glass railing system allows light to flow through the entire space, maintaining the desired open feel, and a custom wooden handrail completes the modern look.

The players: Architect, Snow Kreilich Architects; glass manufacturer, Cardinal Glass Industries Inc.; contract glazier, J & J Glass and Glazing; railing systems designer/manufacturer, SC Railing Co.

The glass and systems: For the multi-level staircase, SC Railing designed its ArchitectuRAIL Point Series glass railing system with 2 ½-inch stainless steel side-mounted nodes, which eliminate the need for vertical balusters, and ½-inch laminated tempered glass with a SentryGlas Plus interlayer. The balconies surrounding the stairs are enclosed with SC Railing’s Base Shoe railing system, including a ½-inch glass shoe anchored to the structural slab. A stainless steel top cap helps minimize glass deflection while maintaining clear sightlines between floors.

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