Popularity of Glass within Commercial Interiors

Glass magazine recently wrote an article titled, “The Inside Track” discussing the growing popularity of glass within commercial interiors. This trend is creating some opportunities for glaziers but can also create some challenges. Glass railing is at the center of this discussion and SC Railing was asked to contribute to the discussion.

Although every project comes with its own challenges, many of the challenges for glass railing can be put into a couple of categories. The first of these comes in the interpretation of evolving building codes specific to glass railing. Codes will continue to evolve and can be interpreted differently from project to project. It’s important that glaziers work with a supplier that can serve as a resource while leveraging the local relationships to work through code interpretation issues.

Blending the aesthetic expectations with the structural requirement for glass guards is another major challenge. Given the life safety component to railing, the loading requirements for these systems are meaningful and must be accounted for early in the design. Despite the structural component to the system, Owners and Architects still expect a sleek and polished system. Accomplishing this is often iterative and requires collaboration early with the railing manufacturer and the rest of the project team.

In a perfect world, all the challenges on a project could be summed up with a couple paragraphs but that’s not the case. Given the messy nature of the world we work in, it’s important to partner with somebody built to respond to these issues.  SC Railing is with you from concept to completion. Send your next project to bids@sc-railing.com to get started.

Read the full feature article on GlassMagazine.com starting on page 26.

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