SC Railing contributes to Glass Magazine’s “Problem Solved” Article

The “Problem Solved” article focuses on solutions to common interior glass hardware challenges.

“Interior glass is booming as architects, interior designers and building owners look to maximize views and daylight through a modern, sleek aesthetic. The interior market—from glass railings to partitions to doors and beyond—represents a growth opportunity for glazing companies. But, it is not without its challenges. Hurdles such as evolving codes and complex measurements can stand in the way of successful, profitable and safe interior glass installations.” – excerpt from Glass Magazine.

SC Railing’s contributions provide a little more insight into keeping up with the glass railing codes, and how to tackle inaccurate glass sizing.

Excerpt from article below. Please read the full article in Glass Magazine’s October issue here!

Glaziers are often asked to bid the guardrail scope, but may not be familiar
with the evolving codes and technical issues those changes can create.

Seek input and support from a partner specializing in railing with the engineering support required to avoid incurring unnecessary cost and potential delays to the project. [And], take the time to establish a basis of design for the system being proposed, complete with any clarifications where ambiguity may exist in the design or structural requirements. Most often, the method of attachment and the structural requirements needed from other trades will require the most attention.

Glaziers often create wood templates to determine glass sizing, which are often inaccurate and time consuming. This is typically the result of offthe-shelf systems where generic post spacings are used and the glazier is left trying to determine glass sizes.

Taking the time to design a system that works with a project’s specific requirements allows the team to work through conflicts that are often associated with a “build as you go” system. Although lead times are important, the overall duration of the railing scope is often shorter when time is taken up front. If the system
can be designed in its entirety, there’s no need for those glass templates.

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