Sacred Heart University featuring Luxor glass guardrail, our double-bar post and glass railing design.

Securing the Climb to Higher Healthcare Education

On Friday, September 22, Sacred Heart University officially unveiled their new Center for Healthcare Education facility in Bridgeport, CT.  Trex Commercial Products is pleased to have partnered with Consigli Construction to provide nearly 1,500 linear feet of stainless railing products.  Most notably, our Luxor stainless and glass railing system was installed throughout the three-story interior, anchored by an eye-catching monumental staircase.  The sturdy, yet low-profile double-bar post design of the Luxor railing system achieves a tidy design aesthetic, accompanied by strength and durability for optimal performance in this busy university setting.  Luxor will be a top performer among the high-end finish products used to construct this new building, and Luxor’s classic design will not grow stale over time.

Distinctive details punctuate a truly unique railing application throughout the atrium area

For this project, our Luxor railing system was bolt-mounted to the faces of the stair stringer and pour stops with standard flat stainless steel mounting plates, to which the posts were welded.  Our installers were able to accommodate any irregularities in the mounting surface using shims to create a plumb installation and cohesive railing runs.  Standard ½”-thick, clear tempered glass was attached to the posts via rod-and-disc glass mountings.  Post-mounted stainless steel handrail was used throughout the Luxor railing system, with inlaid LED on the grand staircase.  LED lighting was also applied to wall-mounted handrail on this project.

Other areas of the Center for Healthcare Education facility called for our Casino stainless steel cable railing, as well as our Glenlake stainless steel rod infill railing.  These railing systems were mounted in interior and exterior locations, respectively.  Both of these systems were attached by embedding their posts into the tops of the mounting surfaces.  One-line free standing handrail was installed in various areas using a standard surface mounting via stainless steel, bolt-mounted base plates.


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