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Custom Railing Solutions



With an infinite number of possibilities for materials, styles, and finishes, Trex Commercial can design, engineer, and manufacture a custom railing system tailored to your specific project. Our experienced preconstruction team works with you early in the process as a knowledgeable resource suggesting railing styles that fit your scope and budget, while our in-house engineering team assures code compliance and structural integrity of all custom railing.

Numerous railing styles are achievable including glass railing, mesh railing, perforated railing, or cable railing, just to name a few. We’re always up for a challenge so bring your railing ideas to us!

Meeting Your Architectural Needs

From a custom railing solutions to custom hand railing, at Trex Commercial we strive to ensure every project is able to meet architectural needs. Not every railing solution is adequate for every project and application. Railing solutions are essentially a measure of the safety and accessibility of a building’s exterior and interior environments.

Intentionally designed railing solutions and handrails can enhance the visual appearance of a building, as well as provide support and safety. Customized railing solutions are a smart way to ensure your building’s railings are created with safety in mind, while allowing innovative, unique designs to be utilized.

Custom Railings Unique to Your Environment

Designing, specifying, fabricating, and installing railing systems can be challenging—with Trex Commercial, we make it simple for you. We’ll work with you to create a design that’s durable, yet beautiful, fitting into the grand scheme of the property’s purpose. From concept to completion, you won’t be disappointed with our custom solutions.

Industries that can benefit from custom railings include:

Ready to Partner With You

At Trex Commercial, we understand the importance of having high-quality, customized railing solutions. We will work with you to select the railing that suits the design and look of your venue, meets your budget and provides a safe solution. Thanks to decades of experience and the opportunity to supply railing solutions to some of the most ambitious projects across the nation, we’ve been able to utilize our dynamic background to provide unmatched customized railing systems, second-to-none customer service, and high-quality results.

We are more than just a fabricator of designer’s concepts; our goal is to become a meaningful partner from start to finish and be responsible for all facets of a project. We can accommodate a range of budgets and project demands to design the best customized railing solution for your space. Trex Commercial has been building an industry-leading reputation for quality and customer service since 1990. Discover the wide range of possibilities our customized railing solutions can provide—contact us today.