• A customizable system with a standard offering capable of handling 80psf wind loads allowing for much higher altitudes, such as terraces and rooftops.
  • An easy-to-install snap fit system not only conceals fasteners for a visually appealing look, but also allows installers to safely position glass from the non-fall side of the system
  • A glass windscreen designed for commercial exterior use, delivers unobstructed views while also diverting wind to create a more enjoyable environment and outdoor experience.

Ascent® Glass Windscreen

  • Architectural Railing Systems
  • Custom Railing Options

It goes without saying that you want your glass windscreen to provide safety, structure, and a polished aesthetic to your public space. Whether you need a glass windscreen for your balcony, rooftop dining area, or space otherwise impacted by wind, Ascent® is the high-quality, customizable windscreen solution you’ve been waiting for.

Uses for Glass Windscreen

Knowing that safety, structure, and aesthetics are valuable to any glass application, let’s review what sets Ascent glass windscreens apart from the competition.

Safety: Ascent glass windscreens can handle 80 PSF of wind loads, which means you can install them at much higher altitudes than your average screen. Each windscreen is a standard 6’ tall but the height can be customized. Increased height means extensive coverage for patrons and furniture in your gathering space.

Structure: The aluminum and steel we use to construct your windscreen provide the framework for a robust final product. Specifically, the steel stanchions and snap-fit posts help support the glass infill and pressure plate. We finish it off with silicone and screws, making your glass windscreen secure and polished.

Aesthetic: Our Ascent glass windscreens are sleek, modern, and accommodating to many buildings’ aesthetics. The anodized, powder-coated, and Kynar finishes can add refinement to anything from the coolest new rooftop terrace in town to the classiest apartment balcony.

Spaces That Can Be Improved With an Ascent Glass Windscreen

Our glass windscreens can enhance many locations including:

  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Terraces
  • Dining pavilions
  • Sporting arenas
  • Rooftop pool areas
  • High-altitude sightseeing locations
  • Outdoor spaces with strong winds or natural debris

No matter the space, from concept to completion, we’ll work with you to design a fitting and structurally sound setting.

Who Are We?

Trex Commercial Products has been a leading supplier of decorative railing systems since 1990. We welcome opportunities to discuss budgets, time constraints, and the installation environment for your windscreen. Our in-house team of engineers ensures an efficient installation process backed by experts. We can even arrange a 3D modeling and design process before engineering to ensure that you get exactly what you envisioned.

Ready to reach new heights with your very own Ascent glass windscreen? Contact us today to schedule a conversation!

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Anodized
  • Powder Coated
  • Kynar
Infill Options
  • Glass
Mount Style
  • Top


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