• Adding to the upscale décor of the North Club, glass was used as front-of-seat railing to create an open feel and clear views.
  • Tensiline railing with stainless steel cables can be found in front of fan seating areas, allowing for minimal sightline obstruction. Griprail provides a graspable metal handrail in between aisles.
  • At the North Club is curved post guardrail, offering unobstructed views and plenty of space overlooking the action below.
  • Track Rail with ¾” tempered/laminated SGP interlayer glass lines a section of the North Club, adding style and luxury to the space.
  • For this octagonal staircase, custom guardrails were engineered using 3D scanning technology, affording elegant, European-inspired, floor-to-ceiling views.
  • LED handrails found on exterior stairs add a touch of modern to the building, while also serving an important safety function.
  • To complement the art deco design of the arena, friezes and grillwork panels of the Lone Star State's native prairie grasses are incorporated into the custom-designed balcony guardrails.
  • Also complementing the building’s art deco exterior are bi-color painted guardrails flanking the pedestrian bridge, which connects the arena to the garage.

Dickies Arena

Location Fort Worth, Texas
Architect HKS Inc & David M. Schwarz
Contractor The Beck Group & Austin Commercial
Glazier Cardinal Glass

Dickies Arena is Fort Worth’s new crown jewel and go-to destination for sports, concerts and major events, such as the annual Stock & Rodeo Show. At 750,000 square feet, the multipurpose venue features 14,000 linear feet of custom architectural railing from Trex Commercial Products. Railing types include picket, cable, guardrail, LED handrail and glass railing, designed to enhance the accessibility, safety and overall fan experience inside and outside the arena. The railings complement the building’s stunning art deco architecture, most prominent on the stairs, balconies and pedestrian bridge. Iconic prairie motifs are incorporated in the metalwork and railings, as well. A highlight of this project are the octagonal and helical spiral staircases, where the Trex Commercial Products engineering team utilized 3D laser scanning technology to design and fabricate the unique dimensions of the guardrail system.