FST Amplifon

Location Minneapolis, Minnesota
Architect ESG Architecture & Design
Contractor Crawford Merz
Glazier United Glass, Inc.

When Amplifon, the world’s largest hearing health care company, decided to move from an outdated office space in the Minneapolis suburbs to a new location downtown, it wanted a space that was modern, vibrant and reflected the company’s open and forward-focused culture. Amplifon found its new home on the 23rd and 24th floors of Fifth Street Towers, long known as a hot spot for businesses. Equipped with technology from its Milan, Italy headquarters, the 44,000-square-foot space is as cutting edge as the technology created there, including private workspaces and conference rooms with windows that can adjust from clear to frosted. The pulse of the office is centered on its open, two-story lobby, featuring a giant LED light fixture of Amplifon’s dynamic logo. The office is also home to the Eat & Meet cafeteria which boasts views of the Mississippi River, neighboring St. Paul and U.S. Bank Stadium (another Trex Commercial Products’ project). Working within a tight construction schedule, Trex Commercial Products engineered a custom railing system for the lobby staircase using Point railing paired with wall and glass mount handrails. The glass panels and sleek, streamlined hardware enhance the openness of the space and allow natural light to saturate both levels, inspiring collaboration and innovation.