• Stairs and overlooks feature segmented 1/2” tempered glass with rolled stainless steel post mounted handrail to achieve desired curve
  • HealthPartners Neuroscience Center featuring Dot series glass railing throughout multi-level lobby and parking entrances
  • Top mounted Dot series glass railing system with trapezoidal posts, 1/2" glass and stainless steel handrail
  • Dot series post supported glass railing ascending multiple levels, and balcony overlooks
  • 1/2” clear tempered glass allows light to flow through multiple levels of the facility
  • Glass is secured to the post via through-glass discs, and a rolled stainless steel 1.5” handrail with #4 brushed circumferential finish was attached using the Dot series standoff
  • Stainless steel trapezoidal posts were welded to structural steel stair stringers at the monumental stair and finished with custom escutcheon covers
  • Fascia mounted Dot Series railing with stainless steel posts and handrails lines the stairs, and top mounted railing on landings ascends multiple level parking garage entrances
  • Dot series handrail standoff connecting stainless steel handrail to trapezoidal post
  • Top mounted glass railing on stair landing utilizing custom escutcheon covers

HealthPartners Neuroscience Center

Location St. Paul, Minnesota
Architect BWBR Architects, Inc.
Contractor Kraus-Anderson Construction Company
Glazier MG McGrath Architectural Glass and Glazing

Part of HealthPartners “Intentional Design” was to allow for “Natural Sunlight throughout the building.” Trex Commercial Products’ Dot series glass railing was a perfect fit for not only their desire for a modern aesthetic, but also allows for unobstructed outdoor views and plenty of natural light to flow through the main lobby and multi-level parking entranceway.