• Top mounted Equinox glass railing with stainless steel handrail on a balcony overlooking the Student Commons area at this middle school facility
  • Equinox railing system with omission of top cap and extended glass panel height
  • Middle School facility features top mounted Equinox glass railing on balcony overlooks and stairs throughout the facility with the disk-and-rod glass mount assembly
  • Equinox glass railing featuring the stainless steel disk-and-rod glass mount option
  • Fascia mounted Equinox glass railing on stairs and overlook with disk-and-rod glass mounts
  • Equinox glass railing system on a balcony overlook with wall return

Meadow Glen Middle School

Location Lexington, South Carolina
Architect Hussey, Gay, Bell, & DeYoung International
Contractor Adolfson & Peterson Construction

This project called for our Equinox™ stainless and glass railing and 2-line free-standing stainless handrail. Revered for its simple, yet sturdy design, our glass railing does not incorporate a top cap, giving an air of openness, allowing the eye to see well beyond the railing. Its strength lends itself to high-traffic spaces.