• Custom glass railing from Trex Commercial Products is featured on the building’s stairs and along the bleacher seating area, providing a continuous look throughout the facility
  • Trex Commercial Products engineered custom pressure plates, mounted to a steel stinger, to accommodate the commercial railing loading requirements while preserving the architect’s minimalist vision for the space.
  • “Puck”-style LED lighting is built directly into the handrail for a dramatic effect that also enhances safety and traffic flow. Cherry wood handrail with a notch to fit over a 1”x 1 ” stainless steel handrail support tube adds warmth to the building’s abundance of glass and steel, as well as easily graspable support.
  • 13/16”laminated tempered glass with a 0.060” SGP interlayer allows for a “barely there” appearance that creates a sense of openness in the building’s lobby.

Metropolitan State University (AES Building)

Location Denver, Colorado
Architect Anderson Mason Dale Architects
Contractor GH Phipps Construction
Glazier Horizon Glass

Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colo., opened its new Aerospace and Engineering Sciences building. This innovative facility offers a state-of-the-art home for the University’s industrial design, engineering, and computer sciences programs. The sleek design of Trex Commercial Products custom glass stair railing with wooden LED handrail complements the building’s modern aesthetic, while also providing a unique functional feature – a built-in learning stair incorporated into the staircase.