• Track Rail with finished wood handrails provide form and function, complementing the warm architecture of the museum.
  • The Mint Museum's four-story atrium is clean, yet dramatic.
  • The embedded shoe mount is clean, minimalistic and sturdy.
  • Overlooks feature Track Rail with top cap, and are warmed by the hardwood flooring and ceiling installation.
  • Wood stairway handrails are attached first to the glass panels and then to the walls below for continuity, comfort and support.
  • Track Rail with stainless steel cap offers sleek styling and support while blending with the museum’s minimalist look.
  • The museum's grand entrance features free-standing, exterior, lighted stainless handrail.

Mint Museum

Location Charlotte, North Carolina
Architect Machado and Silvetti Associates, LLC
Contractor Rodgers Builders

Housing one of the largest collections of art and design in the Southeast, Charlotte’s Mint Museum boasts a modern, minimalist aesthetic. Featured throughout the interior, Trex Commercial Products’ glass railings add to the ambiance while helping visitors safely explore the oldest museum in South Carolina. We also provided free-standing, lighted stainless handrail on the building’s exterior.