• Stainless steel handrail is attached with a post mounted Line Series standoff.
  • The interior Line Series glass railing stair application includes 1.5” stainless steel wall and post mounted handrails.
  • The 1.5” stainless steel handrail is skillfully bent to achieve a fluid aesthetic around corners and other radius designs.
  • The laminated tempered glass has a .06” white opaque PVB interlayer between two 1/4” panels, creating an 80% transparent infill for a bright, airy atmosphere.
  • A u-channel top cap finishes the glass edge on the Line Series stair rail.
  • Line series glass railing fascia mounted to stainless steel baseplates attached to welded steel support (steel support supplied by others).
  • TCP’s aluminum-framed Tensiline stainless cable railing offers an ideal choice for the exterior. This guardrail boasts an anodized aluminum frame with 316 stainless steel cable infill.

Summit Orthopedics

Location Eagan, Minnesota
Architect Pope Architects, Inc. I Welsh Architecture
Contractor RJM Construction
Glazier Brin Contract Glazing (Interior glass railing scope) - Misc. Metals: D & M Iron Works (Exterior cable railing scope)

While the term “orthopedics” may have a cold, mechanical connotation, the designers of the Summit Orthopedics surgery center in Eagan, Minn., wanted to create an environment that was anything but technical. With patients flying in to the renowned clinic from across the country, the goal was to create an inviting space that would enhance patient experience and perhaps even hasten their recovery by encouraging healing. For this project, TCP’s Line Series was installed to provide both beauty and stable support to patients, while the exterior of the building features TCP’s aluminum-framed Tensiline stainless cable railing.