• Aluminum Griprail and stylish Tensiline cable guardrail are featured throughout the seating bowl to ensure safe movement for fans.
  • High-performance Trex composite decking pairs perfectly with Tensiline cable railing and custom drink rail in VIP areas.
  • Custom powder coated aluminum railings with perforated infill panels turn the entry to the West Interior Club into a dramatic design element.
  • Gridguard single wire mesh guardrails line the Team Store staircase.
  • Attached drink rail allows spectators to enjoy refreshments without missing a moment of the action on the field.
  • Clear tempered, laminated glass with SGP interlayer offers unobstructed views and a luxurious touch to the stadium’s design.
  • Tensiline cable railings around the stadium are equipped with convenient cupholders for ADA seating section for wheelchair accessibility and a removable companion chair.
  • Pipe handrails serve an important safety function for spectators as they enter and exit the stadium.
  • Custom fabricated metal mesh gates welcome fans to the facility.

TQL Stadium

Location Cincinnati, Ohio
Architect Populous
Contractor Turner Construction
Glazier Cardinal LG

Known as the “The Crown Jewel of Cincinnati,” TQL Stadium boasts distinctive design elements, inclusive viewing experiences, 360-degree coverage from the elements and one of the best supporters’ sections in the U.S. The 518,000-square-foot, soccer-specific architectural wonder also features nearly 20,000 linear feet of custom-designed railing from Trex Commercial Products. Included in this project are seven different ornamental railing styles along with chain link and wire mesh fencing to further enhance fan safety and promote socialization without disrupting visibility of the pitch. 3-D laser scanning was used for precision modeling of the distinctive railing shapes and contours featured throughout the state-of-the-art venue.