• Elaborate stainless steel cladding was designed to wrap around the entire stringer complimenting the terrazzo stairs
  • Washington Square office renovation utilized Point series railing on stairs with Track Rail on lobby overlooks
  • Point series railing system with 2 1/2” stainless steel side mounted nodes attached to metal stair stringer via dilled and tapped epoxy anchors
  • Track Rail was used on the lobby overlook and utilized a 1/2” aluminum shoe anchored to the structural slab
  • Stainless steel handrail attached to 3/4” low-iron, tempered glass with polished perimeter edges

Washington Square

Location Minneapolis, Minnesota
Architect Shea, Inc.
Contractor Adolfson & Peterson
Glazier W.L. Hall

Point and Track Rail glass railing systems are a lobby focal point in the 100 Washington Square building in downtown Minneapolis. These baluster free systems feature low-iron 3/4” thick glass with stainless steel handrail allowing daylight to flow through. Custom stainless steel cladding was designed and engineered to cover the metal stair stinger in its entirety to achieve the desired look.